Texas Leadership District Administration Grieves With Uvalde ISD, Addresses Security and Safety In The District

May 26, 2022


Dear Texas Leadership and Trinity Leadership Families;

Parents, Guardians, and Grand-Parents,


Texas Leadership Public Schools grieve with the Uvalde community over the loss of children and teachers as a result of an armed intruder’s horrible actions. When tragedies such as this occur, it is natural for parents to worry about the safety of their children while in school.

While we have taken many steps to increase security, and work toward a more-safe environment, we know we must continue to look for additional safety measures that offer students the security they deserve. Thus providing parents and guardians with the knowledge that their children are safe at school.

We already have a number of safety-related protocols in place, but we also understand that we must keep learning and must look at ALL OPTIONS. We are re-evaluating everything we have, and do, concerning safety and security. We plan to do whatever is necessary to protect our children and our staff. We will be taking new ideas to the Texas Leadership governing board at our next scheduled meeting.

We have a district safety team, as well as campus-level teams, that will continue looking at ways to improve and welcome students into a safe environment where they can be free of worry and free to learn. Please know that the administration and the campus teams will continually work to do just this. Safety and security must and will remain the highest priority so our students can grow and flourish.

Please join us as we grieve for and pray for the Uvalde community, parents, friends, and teachers that have recently experienced a horrible tragedy.



Texas Leadership Administration