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Hi I am TLCA’s school nurse, my name is Vanessa Duncan, I currently am an LVN, but am working towards obtaining my RN! I am starting my 3rd year with TLCA in October of this year! I do feel as though this will be our best school year yet, I am excited to work not only with all the staff but our students as well!

 I do ask that you please put the school’s phone number in your cell, so that if we have any reason to call that you will know that it us calling (432)242-7117.

In the following you will read some of the protocols that are followed here at TLCA to keep our students safe and healthy!

  • Fever- If your student has a fever, they must remain at home until their temperature is below 100oF for 24 hours without the use of antipyretics such as Tylenol, Motrin, or etc.
  • Eyes- If your student’s eyes are red or draining, they cannot come to school and my not return to school until they are cleared by their physician or until the redness and draining are gone.
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea- If you student has one or more episodes of vomiting or watery BMs in a 24-hour period, your student must stay at home, until they are free of symptoms for 24-hours without the use of medication
  • Rashes- If your child exhibits a body rash, especially with fever or itching, he/she should remain at home and be assessed by a healthcare provider. If your student has a heat rash and there is no itching, your student may attend school
  • Lice/Scabies- these must be treated. Your student must be free of live lice before bringing him/her back to school.
  • Again if your student has fever, vomiting, and or diarrhea, they must stay home until they are 24-hours symptom free without the use of medication, we do have medically fragile children who attend this school and we want to keep not only them but all of our students and all of our staff as healthy as possible!
  • Medications- OTC (over the counter medications) are only allowed to be administered for 5 school days or 3 times, if a student needs the medication longer than that time an authorization note from a healthcare provider.
  • Students are prohibited to have any OTC or prescribed medications (including but not limited to cough drops, Tylenol, essential oils, etc.) on them unless they have a note from their healthcare provider stating the medication, times it may be taken, and the reason for its use.
  • All medications to be administered whether OTC or prescribed must have the proper paperwork filled out before the medication can be administered to the student.